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New to Trail Riding

We are based in North Wales and pride ourselves on giving novice trail riders an exciting ride.  We don’t mix groups, so if you book on your own or with a few friends, you won’t find other paying riders on the same ride.  Mixing novice groups is a sure way to add pressure to the riders.

Trail Riding UK guides know their areas very well and will select trails that suit the rider’s abilities, taking into account the weather conditions.  When you have had a few hours on the bike you might feel like taking on some of the harder lanes, if so it will be under the careful supervision of the guide.

Help and advice is always on hand and if there is something you are not happy about, stop and take a break, the guide will all ways come back to sort the problems out.

The day is yours to enjoy so you should tell the guide what your expectations are so he can provide you with the trail ride you want, we never put our customers in situations they can’t cope with.

This video is of an eager group of novice riders trying to tackle an intermediate lane.  All the hazards were explained to them and the guide demonstrated the correct way to ride them. 


When a customer has a go and can’t quite manage a trail there’s no problem, you can leave the bike and walk up, the guide will be happy to ride over the obstacle for you. 

If you have been thinking of giving trail riding a go, now you can, you will be in good hands with us!


Mich  by Steve Askin  |  added 05 Aug 14


Dug  by Steve Askin  |  added 05 Aug 14

Kent lads

Kent lads  by Steve Askin  |  added 19 Sep 14

KTM 200exc

KTM 200exc  by Steve Askin  |  added 05 Aug 14

Disabled access

Disabled access  by Steve Askin  |  added 24 Jul 14

Calum and the team with the Canam

Tom’s group

Tom’s group  by Steve Askin  |  added 24 Jul 14

Tom Calum Rick and Alex