“The UK’s premier trail riding service”

Here at 'Trail Riding UK our mission is simple. We aim to give bikers the opportunity to enjoy this addictive off road pursuit. With our guidance to get you started, you’ll soon see your riding skills improve, and if you get hooked then our mission is complete, and as we say just...

"Follow the roads to nowhere"

One of our best trails

A great day out on the Welsh hills in Summer 2017 #Offroadriding on #TrailRidingUK’s #HireBikes.  These riders were on their first days riding off road, with some great tips and advice we soon had them enjoying the water runs, with confidence. We left our base near ... 

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Trail Riding UK offer guided trail riding with bike hire in Wales & England

Come "Trail Riding" in Wales.  Our aim at ‘Trail Riding UK’ is to offer professionally guided "Trail Riding" suitable for all standards of rider. This is a unique experience with great enduro bikes, Trail Riding in some of the most beautiful scenic parts of Wales and England.  For the best "Trail Riding" in the UK you must come to Wales and see what we have.  Trails range from easy and picturesque to challenging tough rides. 

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