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Terms and Conditions

Trail Riding UK Terms and Conditions

  • Payment for all hire bike rides must be made in full ten days prior to the riding day. We accept Pay Pal and all major cards, bank transfers and cheques. Cheques must clear ten days prior to the ride date.
  • Cancelation must be notified to ‘Trail Riding UK’ no less than seven days before the ride date in order to receive a refund. Cancelations after seven days will not receive a refund but will be offered another ride date. Failure to arrive on the ride date will result in no refund and no further ride date offered.
  • Riders who are booking guided only rides need only pay a 50% deposit 2 days prior to the ride day.
  • Riders hiring ‘Trail Riding UK’ bikes must produce a full and valid motorcycle license. Failure to produce a license will cancel the hire of a motorbike without a refund.
  • Riders hiring ‘Trail Riding UK’ bikes must be free from major convictions and have no more than 2 minor convictions. This is our insurance company requirement.
  • Riders hiring ’Trail Riding UK’ bikes must be over 21 years of age.
  • Riders must sign a ‘Trail Riding UK’ disclaimer.
  • Riders hiring ‘Trail Riding UK’ motorcycles are insured for third party fire and theft cover.
  • It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that they are in control of the hire motorcycle at all times whilst riding. Having fun on your hire bike will be encouraged at all times, however reckless and unsafe riding will not be tolerated and will result in a warning, if it is not heeded the day will be terminated without refund.
  • All persons riding a ‘Trail Riding UK’ motorcycle do so at their own risk. Riders should make provisions for their own personal injury insurance. ‘Trail Riding UK’ will supply a list of insurances companies offering this type of cover if requested.
  • Should there be a mechanical problem with a ‘Trail Riding UK’ hire bike and it is not the fault of the rider, and as a result the day has to be cut short, the rider will be given an opportunity to re-book an alternative date.
  • Damaged caused to a ‘Trail Riding UK’ hire bike by the rider will not be charged to the rider. Should the damage result in the motorcycle being unable to continue, the day will be deemed as over, without a refund.
  • We will be using some main roads during the day to link trails and all riders must comply with the Highway Code. All fines and penalties incurred by the rider for incorrect use of the machine or speed are their responsibility.
  • All riders will receive a safety and bike brief before the ride begins.

Riding your own Motorbike

• Excessively loud and noisy exhausts are a big no-no. If the guide decides that your exhaust is too noisy the bike will not go on the ride and no refund will be given.

• You will need to sign a ’Trail Riding UK’ disclaimer.

• Your bike should be serviceable and road legal.

• You must have a full motorbike license but it will not checked by the guide.

• In the event that your motorbike breaks down, your guide will endeavour to help, but it is your responsibility. Your guide can arrange for your bike to be recovered; there will be a charge for this service.

• Any complaints should be made to the guide in the first instant and followed up in writing to askin@tiscali.co.uk

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