Guided Tour On Your Big Adventure BikE

More and more riders are getting into the big bike adventure riding, travelling all over the world on their bikes searching for fun and the adventure. If you have an adventure bike and want some where to practice your off-road skills, then Wales is where you need to be.

We offer three levels for our riders:

Is aimed at a basic level, covering simple maintenance. We will be riding on gravel and grassed roads and tracks and would be suitable for those with limited big bike experience.

Level 1 - Beginner

The riding is much tougher, now having to cope with up and down hills, slippery conditions and a real chance you might drop your bike.

Level 2 - Intermediate

For very experienced riders, plenty of tough off road riding with some hard river crossings

Guided adventure bikes trail rides run from April to September – winter rides are also available.

Level 3 - Advanced



Snowdon Adventure Trail
£ 100 Per rider

Level 1-2-3

One-To-One Full-Day
£ 150

Level 1-2-3

Two Riders
£ 75 Per Rider

Level 1-2-3

Three Riders
£ 50 Per rider

Level 1-2-3

Four Riders
£ 40 Per Rider

Level 1-2-3

Five+ Riders
£ 35 Per Rider


Snowdonia Adventure Trail

This is a two day trail ride, exploring much of what the Snowdonia National Park has to offer.

After a night spent in our riders flat, we start the day with breakfast. We aim to start the ride by 9am, heading South West on small B-roads and tracks. The first stop is the beautiful lake Vyrnwy and we continue to explore the southern half of the park before finishing the day at near Barmouth where we will camp for the night.

Riders will need to bring their own tents and sleeping bags; we will stop at a cafe for breakfast and lunch and a pub for dinner.

On the second day, we push North, contouring around Snowdon itself, enjoying all the awesome trails and after a full day we arrive back at TRUK HQ for about 5pm.

The riders flat is available for those who want to use it. Please select from the dates below.

For level one, any tyres will be OK. For level two, your bike will need to be fitted with at least 70/30 all-terrain tyres in summer.


What You Need To Know

Your bike will need to be fitted with at least 70/30 all terrain tyres in summer and 50/50 all terrain tyres (TKC80, etc.) in winter, and we require that you wear a good quality well fitted helmet, decent gloves, and off road motorcycle boots with ankle protection. We also recommend knee and body protection, as well as goggles.

That’s always a possibility when riding off road, or even on road for that matter. It’s part of the risk, but it is rare that it happens and when it does the damage is usually minor. Of course we won’t push you out of your comfort zone.

Yes we do. All our pre-organised events are divided by bike type and into 3 rider experience grades: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Novice: You are new to off road riding and are not comfortable with mud, ruts, loose rock and singletrack trails. We will introduce you to trail riding starting on fire roads and easy tracks.

Intermediate: You have some off-road riding experience. You are comfortable with riding mud, ruts, loose rock and singletrack trails. We will take you riding on a variety of trails.

Advanced: You have been riding off road for years. You want to make the most of all your trail riding experience to enjoy the trails on offer here and you want a proper challenge. We will concentrate on more technical trails and challenging climbs and descents and keep to a higher overall pace.

Expert level trail days for highly experienced enduro riders are available by special booking only. All bespoke and one-to-one trail days are tailored to the customer.

If you ride an adventure bike (700cc+), please do not book onto an enduro/trail bike day. If you ride an enduro or trail bike (up to 800cc), please do not book onto an adventure bike day. Adventure bike days often take in more road miles and less technical terrain than the enduro / trail bike days.

The categories are not in place to judge your riding skill or bragging rights, they are experience grades, not skill grades as such. We have put them in place so that you get the most out of your time with us, and so that you get to ride in a group with a similar level of experience. If you’re still not sure which days are right for you, speak to us and we’ll figure it out.

We try to keep the group size to a maximum of 6 riders and 2 guides. We sometimes do “fun days” where we take this up to 12 people.