Guided Tour On Your
Own Bike

Riders with their
own bikes

Do you have your own road legal enduro bike and are looking for a guided day trail riding?

Our maximum group size is eight plus the guide.

If you opt to meet at TRUK HQ where we have plenty of parking, we aim to be riding by 9am. There is a garage one mile up the road and we generally stop there first.


One Rider
£ 150
Two Riders
£ 75 Per Rider
Three Riders
£ 50 Per rider
Four Riders
£ 40 Per Rider
Five+ Riders
£ 35 Per Rider

This is a great ride in all conditions, following the tracks and trails from TRUK HQ near Welshpool down to the Dyfnt forest passing through a massive slippery river crossing, stopping for petrol after about 50 miles. The choices for lunch are Lake Vyrnwy hotel for a good meal and break or the shop for a sandwich and coffee. The afternoon is made up of some good flowing fast trails, arriving back at base after another 50 miles.

This route takes in some great very technical trails: Heartbreak Ridge, Pandy Lane and the classic Baddy Alley plus loads more. We can ride 50 to 70 miles in the morning, depending on the fuel range of the bikes. Lunch can be a nice pub on the river Dee or a sandwich at the garage when getting fuel. In the afternoon we visit the Berwyn mountains with some fab water splashers on the awesome Wayfarer, before we hit the Rabbit Hole and Clay Pipe lanes. The total run is from 80 to 130 miles and suitable for a group of mixed ability riders.

This run heads down to the sea covering plenty of ground ending up in Barmouth for fish and chips on the sea front. We generally stop for fuel twice on the run as it is a very long day of about 150 miles. The best time of year to do the ride April to September, when the days are longer. The lanes are not that technical but would suit a fit group.

Two-Day Trail Riding Adventure Ride from Welshpool to the Welsh coast and back.

This is a two-day ride out to the Welsh coast; camping or B&B is available and all riders excess luggage will be transported by vehicle and will meet us at our chosen night-time location. The ride can be designed at the group’s request and experience. We leave our base near Welshpool at 9am and spend the day heading west to the coast, stopping for lunch around midday and to refuel the bikes. The lanes and tracks are plentiful and road time is limited (the more experienced the group, the less road work)

You can choose whether you camp or have a pub B&B or guesthouse B&B. We can provide various types of accommodation depending on availability and the needs of the group and how much you wish to spend.

On the morning of the second day, your excess luggage with be collected and taken back to our HQ. The guide can discuss what the groups feels like doing – from all day on all the trails or an easier day traversing our way East to the finish point or maybe somewhere in-between.

The minimum amount of riders is four and the maximum is six. The price for two days guided trail riding is £100 per rider; this includes the transportation of all riders’ kit to the overnight stop and pick up the following morning and does not include the evening accommodation price.

Machynlleth is a brilliant base to have for this awesome two days riding and our accommodation is a lovely B&B up in the hills, just outside Machynlleth. We meet up at the B&B on the Friday night. After an evening meal, we settle down and have a few beers before turning in for the night. A cooked breakfast is served at 8am and we aim to start riding by 9am. The first day is spent exploring the northern half of Machynlleth covering around 100 to 140 miles and is tailored to the group’s wishes. We stop for lunch, either a pub-cafe or a sandwich while refuelling the bikes. We generally get back to the B&B between 5pm and 8pm and, after a quick shower, sit down to a three-course meal and drinks. The second day, after breakfast, we are again riding by 9am. We head south, exploring as far as the famous Devil’s Bridge, where we have lunch and fuel. The second day is shorter than the first as riders have to travel home and we expect to finish back at the B&B by 3pm to 4pm. Riders can pack up and have a shower before heading off back home, tired and weary but after a great weekend trail riding under your belt!!

The price worked out on group size.


Pick Your Ride


What You Need To Know

The guide will ask the riders what type of day they are looking for:

    • Steady with a pub lunch
    • Nice technical ride
    • Longer enduro type of ride, grabbing food when we get fuel.

As long as the whole group agree, that will be fine.

You will need a road-legal enduro bike.

Your bike should be in good condition with the baffles in the silencer. You should carry some basic tools and spare inner tubes, if using them.

Yes we do. All our pre-organised events are divided by bike type and into 3 rider experience grades: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Novice: You are new to off road riding and are not comfortable with mud, ruts, loose rock and singletrack trails. We will introduce you to trail riding starting on fire roads and easy tracks.

Intermediate: You have some off-road riding experience. You are comfortable with riding mud, ruts, loose rock and singletrack trails. We will take you riding on a variety of trails.

Advanced: You have been riding off road for years. You want to make the most of all your trail riding experience to enjoy the trails on offer here and you want a proper challenge. We will concentrate on more technical trails and challenging climbs and descents and keep to a higher overall pace.

Expert level trail days for highly experienced enduro riders are available by special booking only. All bespoke and one-to-one trail days are tailored to the customer.

If you ride an adventure bike (700cc+), please do not book onto an enduro/trail bike day. If you ride an enduro or trail bike (up to 800cc), please do not book onto an adventure bike day. Adventure bike days often take in more road miles and less technical terrain than the enduro / trail bike days.

The categories are not in place to judge your riding skill or bragging rights, they are experience grades, not skill grades as such. We have put them in place so that you get the most out of your time with us, and so that you get to ride in a group with a similar level of experience. If you’re still not sure which days are right for you, speak to us and we’ll figure it out.

We try to keep the group size to a maximum of 6 riders and 2 guides. We sometimes do “fun days” where we take this up to 12 people.