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Trail Riding UK is based near Welshpool, Powys, Mid Wales, only one hour west of Birmingham.  The riding area is not a National Park area and very quiet with most people choosing to visit the National Parks for their outdoor activities.

We have a great range of trails to choose from and can offer a fun packed, safe novice/beginners ride.  For intermediate and advanced groups, take your pick. 

Trail Riding UK’s Enduro Run
If you are training for the next enduro or big race and are looking for quality time on the bike, maybe you are just looking for a challenge, if so  ask for “Trail Riding UK’s enduro run”.  It’s not quite the Welsh two day enduro (clubman level) but it’s not far off! 

Most asked question: How much road work is there?Answer: Just enough to recover before the next lane!

Trail Riding UK uses many other parts of the UK that have a good spread of trails and green lanes for a great off roading expeirence on dirt bikes.  Trail Riding UK uses  legal, roads and byways, trails and green lanes,  that for some reason or another have been left unattended too and a pleasure to ride a dirt bike on  these off road areas.


The Meon valley  Hampshire

Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales

The Peak District



Skegness rider

Skegness rider

A beautifull trail in the Peaks

Rest stop

Rest stop

Petrol stop

Wales after the rain

Wales after the rain

Time to get my feet wet!!!