Riding Your Own Bike Riding Your Own Bike

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Riding Your Own Bike

submitted on 17/01/2011

You are welcome to bring your own bike as long as it is road legal and has a quiet exhaust. You are responsible of the condition of the bike and should it break down we will do everything in our power to help with the repair.  Our guides carry tool kits and spare inner tubes and are pretty good at on the trail repairs, however sometimes  the problem is too serious to be repaired on the trail. In these cases we can mostly get you recovered to a garage, this will be at an additional cost which you must pay to the garage.

It is worth giving your bike a good service before you ride. Change the oils and oil filters. Clean the air filter. Check brake pads front and rear and replace if necessary, also check brake and clutch oil reservoirs have sufficient oil. Check the coolant level is correct. The chain should be at the correct tension, see your bikes manual if you don’t know. Front and rear sprockets should not be worn. Make sure you have a good set of tyres. Check all nuts and bolts and spokes on the bike, lock tight where necessary, make sure all is nice and tight. If your exhaust is very noisy, you will have to repack the silencer, if you arrive with an excessively noisy bike you will not be allowed to ride, simple!!

What tools to take
You should carry enough tools to be able to carry out essential maintenance on the trail. Carry only what you need as extra weight will require extra effort to carry. Take a spare brake and clutch lever. Two or three tyre levers. New front inner tube, it can also be used in the rear tyre in emergencies, some way to inflate your tyre, there are several types of pumps on the market. Various spanners, screwdrivers, sockets, allen keys etc. If you are riding a 2 stroke you will need to carry oil to mix with the petrol when you fill up, you will use more than one tank. If all that’s done, and the bike is in good nick, you should have a good days riding.