A Novice Day With TRUK A Novice Day With TRUK A Novice Day With TRUK A Novice Day With TRUK

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A Novice Day With TRUK

submitted on 17/01/2011

What you will need to bring

Your bike licence is a must, both parts please. We will stop for a pub lunch and also a couple of cafe stops throughout the day so bring enough money for your needs. A couple of base layers is a good idea one with long sleeves, if it is very cold or wet an old pair of skiing gloves will help keeping your hands warm and dry. 

What to expect

Before your ride you will receive a full safety brief explaining the process of the day, all relevant safety points and what is expected from you i.e. you must ride within your capabilities at all times, also what you expect from the day. Each group is different some want to ride hard all day, others want to ride for a few hours with plenty of breaks. But most want something in between, just let your guide know. After the brief you will be shown your machine and run through the controls, brakes, clutch, gears, petrol on and off, choke, starting and turning off the bike and any other points that will help you.

The Kit
After reading and signing the rider disclaimer form and checking both parts of your motorbike licence, you will be shown to the kit room. We have all the safety equipment you need, however if you a unique size please let us know well in advance so we can make provisions for you. If you have your own boots and helmet we would advise you to bring them as they maybe more comfortable.

The ride
When we start the ride a few easy trails will be select to gives the rider’s time to adjust to the bikes and also time to warm up. Your guide will also assess your riding; this will give him a good idea as to what standard the group is. If the group is at an intermediate level, then off we go for a day on the trails. Should you require some help then this is a good time to fix any problems which you are having, generally these are incorrect sitting position, standing position, poor use of brakes on the road and off road, downhill control. Once the basics have been addressed the ride can continue. At any time during the ride if you need to stop, stop! Don’t feel like you have to keep up. Your guide will come back and see what the problem is and sort it out.