Top enduro and MX boys, out for a hard ride

Top enduro and MX boys, out for a hard ride

submitted on 11/02/2014

On Saturday our nothern guides Donald and Ryan arrived at Welshpool with a group of very experienced riders from Cumbria.  

The day stated well taking in some tough lanes from the start.  The pace was fast and flowed well, only a broken front mud guard to fix on the route.  The tracks were very wet and made the riding challenging and fun.  There was a couple struggling on pandy, but as it was wet and the rocks were clean most blasted up it.  Heart Break was a different matter, with everybody stuck a some point, all were much warmer at the top, some more than others.  Ryan loved it and rode thee bikes up aswell as his own massive 500cc.

At lunch we all stood in the rain and eat our food, real hard core.  The afternoon was good but as the time went on the temperature dropped that coupled with the rain made ridng hard work but every one kept their heads down and we arrived back at base about 5pm frozen to the bone.

The lads left for home and I got my bike and kit ready for the Snowrun Enduro on the Sunday.  All in all a top weekend.

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